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Secure your invitation to Bridgerton Experience Maine

By Melissa Lynn Donahue Swett

The social season is in full bloom, and you are welcome to the most anticipated event of the summer – the Promenade Ball and Garden Party at TL Barn in West Paris, Maine.

First, we have the illustrious Promenade Ball, hosted by the esteemed “Queen”. This elegant gathering is sure to be the crowning jewel of the season’s festivities. A “Diamond” will be chosen during the evening! There will be dance lessons for those interested and activities all around. The magnificent TL Barn, with its rustic charm and picturesque setting, will play host to the crème de la crème of high society. Gowns of the finest silks, imported from the fashion houses of Paris, will twirl across the polished dance floor as gentlemen in their tailored suits lead their partners in the latest waltzes.

One can only imagine the intriguing conversations that will take place as old acquaintances are reunited and new connections are forged. The hum of lively chatter and the tinkling of glasses will fill the air, creating an atmosphere of pure refinement.

Maybe you would like to delight in taking part in the delightful Garden Party amidst the verdant grounds of TL Barn. Guests will stroll through the meticulously manicured Promenade, sipping refreshing lemonade and indulging in delectable finger sandwiches. The soft notes of  the soundtracks will provide a melodic backdrop, setting the stage for charming discussions and lighthearted laughter.

Naturally, I will be in attendance at both events, notebook in hand, ready to record the evening’s most scandalous moments for my loyal readers. Who will arrive on the arm of an unexpected companion? Whose reputation will be thoroughly ruined by an indiscretion on the dance floor or in the garden? The suspense is positively palpable.

My dear friends, if you have not yet secured your invitation, I urge you to do so post-haste. These are events that simply cannot be missed. I shall see you all there, ready to observe the delightful drama that is sure to unfold. The tickets will be released at 10:30am on Saturday, June 8th Bridgton Experience MAINE Page!

Yours Truly,

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