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“The Lure of the Mountains”

Out and About

By Rachel Morin

USM Lewiston Auburn Senior College students have been meeting for classes via ZOOM for the fall semester.  Our memoir writing class has attracted a few members from our 17 senior colleges in Maine.   We are pleased to have them in our group.  

We are 10 members who meet monthly for the big meeting.  We are divided into two small groups which meet via ZOOM  every two weeks.  The Scribblers are led by Mary Jane Beardsley of Minot, while The Flashbacks are led by Nancy Roe of Presque Isle. Elizabeth Peavey, noted Portland author and playwright, is instructor and mentor for our groups. She has guided us on critiquing each other’s essays. 

Under Peavey’s tutelage, we have made great progress.  We are open to other styles of writing.   One of our members, Rosabelle Tifft of Bethel,  has transformed her essay into prose and poetry.  It was well received; we thought it should be printed. 


Survival!  A huge motivator!

Leads me from the mountains of home,

To unknown area 130 miles away.

A Newburyport hospital offers

Powerful incentive – a salary

Double that of previous job

Close to UNH to work on my degree.

Cost cutting at Berlin hospital

Forced me to look elsewhere.

Recent divorce left heavy expenses

Jobs for my skills unavailable.

I leave the beauty of the mountains,

Leave friends envious of my move.

Outsiders see my new area

Everything to be desired.

Scenic ocean views, quaint shops,

Specialty restaurants

Top job in Boston suburb.

But I observe a lack of warmth.

Demanding tourists.  Faster pace, faster cars

No mountains to clear the air, slow the pace.

No tap water fit to drink.

Bottled water by the case.

I take a bus to Boston amid

Bumper to bumper cars,

Fumes sicken me.

Local wharf welcoming on hot humid days,

Where sea gulls call and boats peacefully drift,

But one day I forget to open a window

Just a crack in my new red Omni.

Hot air shatters window in million pieces.

Winter brings bone chilling cold.

Warm memories of snowy days in Bethel.

Political climate of new job

Challenges my creative energy.

After five long years…

Finances in order

Core degree subjects complete

Mountains of Bethel call me home.

Rosabelle M. Tifft  9/29/20

Rosalie is a retired health care public relations professional. She volunteers at a “To Your Health” program she helped organize 14 years ago as a follow-up to a day-long seminar at Western Mountains Senior College, Bethel, where she is a charter member.  Four or five programs are presented annually on Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Healthy Cooking and other health-related issues.  The programs are currently on hold, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rosalie is kept busy with two adult children, five grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

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