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MSAD 52 Adult Ed students graduate


The ceremony honored 30 adults who earned their high school diploma or Hiset this year.

MSAD 52 Adult & Community Education recently honored 30 adults who earned their high school diploma or Hiset this year. The graduates were Susan Bornstein, Eliza Brooks, Keenan Caldwell, Philip Castonguay, Seth Caron, Cameron Childs, Dalton Decoster, William Estabrook, Abdilgani Farah, Brigette A. Henderson, Emily M. Hunt, Adar Abdi Hussein, Tazz M. Lavoie, Ashley Martel, Jonathan Mattingly, Hannah N. Plummer, Dustin G. Shedd, Jessica Shumway, Caleb Shuck, Lindsay B. Swearingen, and Chelsea Rose Vincent.

Also honored as CNA graduates were Filsan Abdillahi, Iris Aguilar, Mariah Duval, Maribel Ramirez, Deka Adaweh, Angeir Chan, Ian Hutchinson, Heather Jamison and Elizabeth Stover.

Several students spoke at the ceremony, thanking family and friends for support. Student speaker Hannah Plummer shared her personal story of how she ended up choosing adult education. “I lost my mom at the age of 12 and, by losing her, I lost myself. A family of four had to quickly adjust to life as a family of three… I had to do my own hair, learn how wear make-up and do my own nails. I had to deal with heartbreaks and deal with so many of life’s growing pains without having my mom. I left home at the age of 16 because I thought that my Dad’s rules and expectations were ridiculous! I thought that I could everything on my own and that I could meet any challenge that came my way. Boy was I wrong! I never realized how hard it would be. I had to work two jobs while being a full-time student to pay the bills. I thought that adult education would be easier for me to handle, but then I quickly realized that the expectations of the school were even more challenging because the teachers pushed me to my limit and expected me to be the best version of me at all times. My teachers were mentors. They gave me advice and helped me to grow as a person.”

Over 200 family members and friends of the graduates joined in the celebration. “The graduates have worked hard to overcome incredible obstacles, and I hope they feel inspired by their achievement to continue in their life-long learning,” said Razell Ward, director of MSAD 52 adult education.

For more information about MSAD 52 Adult Education, call them at 225-1010 or see

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