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Enough is Enough Party elites think their offices were willed to them

By Robert E. Macdonald
Mayor of Lewiston

The votes are in. This year’s Profile in Courage Award will not be going to the National Republican Party or Bernie Sanders.
Let’s start with the soon-to-be-a-memory in the dustbin of history—The Republican Party. A series of debates and primary elections were held. The people’s overwhelming choice was businessman Donald Trump. This upset the party elites, who think the offices they hold were willed to them.
Overnight, they developed the characteristics of preschool children. They went into hissy fits the likes that have not been seen since the late 1700s when the British Parliament woke up to the reality they no longer controlled the 13 American colonies.
Our current politicians have been sent a message that in today’s United States of America, there are no princes or princesses. There are no titles of Duke, Earl, Lord or Lady, just public servants who are elected by the people to do the people’s business.
When you are elected to carry out the will of the people it means just that: the will of the people, the voters. Absent from that definition is Wall Street, unions and non-profit groups. These organizations provide the mother’s milk needed to successfully run a political campaign, money and volunteers. This is all to the detriment of the powerless, average voter.
Next up is Bernie Sanders. He led a revolution. And what a revolution it was. His message resonated with those on the Left of the political spectrum that, like equal numbers of voters on the Right, feel they’re disenfranchised. His leadership and message inspired a large following. He raised a large amount of money through small individual donations and won a lion’s share of the Democratic primaries. Yet, in the end, he came up short.
Instead of continuing his revolution, he threw in the towel and endorsed Hillary Clinton—after it was revealed what the Democratic National Committee had done in an attempt to deny him the nomination. At this point, he went from revolutionary to just another everyday politician.
Lastly, I saw a cartoon in the New York Post on Saturday August 6 that seems to sum up the Democratic National Convention. It showed two guys sitting at the counter of a local coffee shop. The first guy asks, “Did the Democrats finally mention radical extremists?” The second guy retorted, “It was a convention of radical extremists.”
Last week,, a personal finance website that conducted a national poll of 150 cities throughout the country, gave Lewiston government high marks. This honor was the result of the dedication and quality of work done by our employees, ranging from the city manager to the last employee hired. I thank them for their dedication, but I think thanks from the general public would play a lot better.
Those of us who live in Lewiston are Lewistonians. We work, play, go to school, socialize and recreate with one another. We are homeowners and renters, business owners and employees. We live in the safest and best run city in the State of Maine. As a community, let’s move on and ignore the rhetoric coming from outside.
We have a peaceful city. Let’s keep it that way.

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