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Enough is Enough Local polls, defining our enemy and gun control

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston
Last Tuesday, Election Day, started off with flashbacks of being back in the service. I had to arise at “zero dark thirty” to get my wife to work at the polls.
Upon arriving at the Lewiston Armory at 0545 hours, the doors were locked and no one had a key to unlock them. After making several phone calls, the precinct was open for business and my plan to catch an hour-and-a-half of sleep dissipated.
After checking in at City Hall and finishing my daily coffee-shop rounds, I returned home to join with the millions of housewives eagerly awaiting the start of “The Young and the Restless.” But our anticipation was soon squashed by a news conference featuring President Obama, who had taken on the persona of a spoiled privileged schoolboy, defending his non-defensible foreign policies and blaming different groups for their failure.
Democratic President Harry Truman stated the buck stopped at his desk. Today the Oval Office appears to be just another bus station with bills flying through to the next station.
The President rants about the criticism bestowed on him by Twitter, Facebook and news outlets because of his failure to use the term “radical Islam.” Like a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook, he asks how the use of this phrase would help in the war’s prosecution.
It defines our enemy. We are not at war with the greater majority of Muslims, who peacefully go through life. We are fighting those radical Muslims who want to destroy modern society in order to bring us back to the seventh century. Further, they want to force everyone to become a Muslim and live under Sharia Law.
Yet, as touchy as Obama and his liberal Democratic ilk are to the term “radical Islam,” if you disagree with their policies and beliefs, you are denigrated and labeled a “conservative Christian.” Is this what years of secondary education produces: attacks and vilification of your own countrymen?
Then there is gun control. Have you noticed that the more ignorant one is about firearms, the more anti-firearm they are? In major cities across the United States, the stricter the gun laws, the greater the gun violence. This is a direct result of political correctness hamstringing the police because enforcement of the laws may raise the charge of racial profiling.
Finally, we have the benevolent leftists who allow our country to be overrun by illegal aliens and alleged asylum seekers. These groups are placed in areas where the residents have neither the resources nor the financial ability to help them. Their support falls totally on the local taxpayers; nothing is received from the state or federal government. Any complaint by local authorities is met with the hail of derogatory terms used to silence them.
Lastly, war is where two sides that have disagreements with one another battle to advance and impose their beliefs on others. As each side makes gains, many flee to safety outside the battle zone, refugees from both sides resettling in the same area.
If our policy of unchecked immigration continues, how long will it be before violence similar to Vietnam’s Tet Offensive erupts here? When it does, where will you run to escape?

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