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Enough is Enough: Legislature should direct resources toward citizens, not illegal guests

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Enough is really enough!

It’s time for those sitting on the sidelines–who are continually at war with themselves, trying to justify why a problem facing them is not their problem –to gain some intestinal fortitude.

It’s time for our local politicians, whether they label themselves progressive or conservative, to start representing those who elected them. Put aside your fear of being ostracized and labeled, grow a spine and start representing the people who elected you—those you swore to represent and protect.

Last Saturday, January 14, an Immigration Unity Rally was held at the Franco Center in Lewiston for the purpose of “creating an unbreakable line of love and resilience against potential deportations, criminalization and hate.”

This was organized by groups such as the progressive/socialist Maine People’s Alliance to fight for compassion for illegal underdogs. Apparently, they are still in denial that their candidate was crushed in the national election. Their goal is to continue to support our illegal guests using state taxpayers’ money. If you live in Lewiston, hold onto your wallet.

Over the past decade, Lewiston has experienced an influx of legal refugees from Somalia. Many fled for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They spent years languishing in refugee camps—camps whose conditions make Maine State Prison seem like a five-star resort.

Today they are Lewistonians and contributing members of our community. They own businesses, homes, hold jobs and have brought up our high school graduation rate. Most are American citizens and pose little or no strain on our budget.

But our current illegal interlopers are not coming from dangerous refugee camps. They have not had to wait for years in resettlement camps prior to coming to the United States. No, they are coming on commercial airline flights carrying a visa and a suitcase containing neatly folded clothes packed as they were supposedly fleeing for their lives.

Once they completed their harrowing journey consisting of in-flight music and movies, a comfortable seat, tasty meals and a flush toilet, they found their way to the Promised Land—yes, Lewiston. Here they were informed by a General Assistance staff that Lewiston’s benevolent property taxpayers will be giving them money for rent, food, clothing and will take care of their medical needs.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself why are we, those living and working in Lewiston, supporting these illegal interlopers? Well, this is what happens when lazy legislators fail to do their due diligence and seek advice from organizations like the progressive/socialist Maine People’s Alliance whose words they look upon as coming from the Burning Bush.

Last year the Legislature, after intense lobbying by groups like the Maine People’s Alliance, passed a law forcing Maine cities and towns to provide support for those seeking asylum for a period of up to two years. Since the passage of this law, word has spread overseas, which has resulted in Lewiston bracing for a tsunami-like wave of illegal immigrants.

Instead of holding rallies to fund people that are here illegally, we should start concentrating on our elderly, our veterans and Maine’s opioid problem. Money is badly needed for these programs.

It’s time to redirect our compassion and our resources to where they belong: United States citizens.

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