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Be more like Santa

The unexpected benefits of being a giver

Guest Column


There’s a reason why Santa is always jolly, and why he has the confidence to pull off a bulky and unflattering red coat: because giving makes people feel good…and happy people can accomplish amazing things. According to research conducted by PsychTests’ elves, being kind and generous offers a number of psychological, social, and personal benefits.

 Analyzing data from 9,568 people who took the Big Five Personality, PsychTests’ researchers compared the personality, attitude, and strengths of people who make it a point to do nice things on a regular basis (Santas) and those who don’t (Scrooges). Here’s where they differed:

 (Note: Scores range on a scale from 0 to 100)

 Obvious benefits of being a giver

 Santas are more…

 Likeable (score of 69 vs. 48 for Scrooges)

Trusting – but not blindly so (score of 56 vs. 40 for Scrooges)

Optimistic – but with a healthy dose of common sense (score of 61 vs. 48 for Scrooges)

Dependable (score of 82 vs. 68 for Scrooges)

Genuine, and comfortable being themselves (score of 69 vs. 57 for Scrooges)

Patient, and better at controlling their tempers (score of 65 vs. 53 for Scrooges)

Open-minded (score of 67 vs. 57 for Scrooges)

Unexpected benefits of being a giver

Santas are more…

Hard-working (score of 71 vs. 57 for Scrooges)

Likely to have leadership potential (score of 61 vs. 43 for Scrooges)

Creative (score of 73 vs. 58 for Scrooges)

Curious (score of 76 vs. 65 for Scrooges)

Interested in expanding their knowledge (score of 70 vs. 61 for Scrooges)

Self-confident (score of 68 vs. 54 for Scrooges)

Resilient (score of 68 vs. 58 for Scrooges)

Diligent (score of 66 vs. 55 for Scrooges)

Efficient (score of 67 vs. 55 for Scrooges)

“It goes without saying that being kind to people, rather than mean and selfish, will get you places,” explains Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests. “People who are kind have more friends, which means better social support, they bring out the best in others, which makes them great leaders, and being around them just makes you feel good. As a result, you’re more likely to be kind to others, so the ‘paying it forward’ propagates. It’s important to understand, however, that we’re not talking about the ‘bending over backwards,’ ‘give until it hurts’ kind of generosity. That’s more likely to result in resentment. We’re talking about people who will offer a helping hand when they see a person in need, without being overly self-sacrificing.”

 “Given the need for social distancing this year as a result of COVID-19, make it a point to be extra kind and patient with people. It’s been a difficult time for everyone. We know people are fed up, but don’t give in to that impulse to snap at someone who is annoying you. Be generous with your words and actions, and wish people the best in 2021. As our study has revealed, being kind reaps so many more benefits than being selfish. So ho-ho-hold your tongue this year, and be a Santa this year, not a Scrooge.”

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