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LETTER: Time to cut away some of the burden

To the Editor:

Welcome to the jungle! Having nearly obliterated the Maine private sector, the crushing weight of government excess has now shifted to bear on those accustomed to public support.

It’s not a pretty sight, and the squeals of the affected will be heard throughout the state. It’s a simple but painful choice. Either our government crumbles under its own weight or we cut away some of the burden.

Most of us know what has to be done because we have been forced to do it in our own lives. Our government has “been run like nobody’s business” for too long. Private-sector survivors have already done what was necessary. It is time to apply these same efficient methods to government.

Currently, Maine is beyond broke. Without needed changes, our grandchildren will be broke also. Not long ago, individuals with proportionally less debt went to the “poor farm” or to prison, but some still think more borrowing is the answer.

Many of us have lost jobs, retirement savings and property value. Taxes cannot be raised, and government costs must match our reduced incomes. Recognizing what needs to be done, the majority of us have elected those who have promised to do just that.

Let’s get behind these leaders and encourage them to get on with the remedy. Like the people who had home mortgages they could not afford and lost their houses, Maine will lose public-sector jobs.

For those who will be joining us, I say, “Welcome to the private sector. Let’s make it better!”

John Field


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