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LETTER: Reverend opposed to gay marriage

To The Editor:

The same way that lawyers, activists and politicians have public platforms, I believe that clergy has a voice and a place in public debate and should share the stage.

I am disgusted with the self-righteous and pompous attitude of Lewiston Mayor Larry Gilbert as of late. His recent pro-gay/pro-same-sex-marriage rally he held on the steps of City Hall was totally uncalled for. This flies in the face of voters of this state and this community.

In 2009 Mainers repealed the same-sex marriage law by a vote of 53 percent to 47 percent. If the mayor wants to be a gay rights advocate, let him do it on the front steps of his own home and not the steps of City Hall. He should not be using his position as mayor to trump his own ideas, agendas and self-interests.

It is very interesting to me why this man, who defines himself as a Roman Catholic believer, is subject to excommunication for using his public platform to work aggressively against church teachings.

I also find it odd that he surrounds himself with liberal clergy from a variety of backgrounds, but there is no response or debate from evangelicals. Thank God for Mark Mutty from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland for standing his ground in support of traditional marriage.

When I see that out of 1,563 people living with AIDS in Maine in 2010, 59 percent are gay males, I can not see the sense in promoting homosexuality because of its obvious health risks.

The mayor, gay activists and the media would have everyone believe that a homosexual relationship and same-sex marriage can be a healthy and a happy one. But that is an absolute lie, according to the numbers of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. How can you be truly happy and fulfilled as part of a group that makes up 59 percent of the people who live in Maine with AIDS?

The Rev. Douglas Taylor

The Jesus Party


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