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LETTER: Rep. Craven seeks meetings with mayor

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Mayor Macdonald.

Dear Mayor,

I write in response to your column last week, “Lewiston needs legislators who represent tax payers.” I cannot recall a single meeting where you asked us for a list of programs—or any other question, for that matter.

It was surprising to read that I had a “political” motivation in suggesting that we meet weekly. In that first meeting on August 15, the only time the word was uttered was when you said, “No more politics. I will focus my column on the work Chief Bussiere is doing to eliminate fraud downtown.”

We each have deeply held principles, which sometimes conflict. There is no reason that that should prevent us from working together. We serve the same citizens and taxpayers, and we do that more effectively when we work together.

I would like to continue our monthly meetings; when we work together, we are both more effective for Lewiston.  As I see it, communication is a two-way street, and I for one did not hear from you, either. I am now forwarding my home phone and email contacts (783-1897) and email (

Please call me if you’d prefer to talk in between our monthly meetings.

Thank you.

Sen. Margaret Craven

On behalf of the entire Lewiston Legislative delegation

One Response to “LETTER: Rep. Craven seeks meetings with mayor”

  • Taxpaying fool:

    Eloquent sarcasm! Sounds a little like the President. Exactly why you need to be replaced! I want to personaly thank you senator for making Lewiston such a wonderful all american service center! Thank you for the incredibly large dhhs building, it serves half the community very well! Thank you for your encouragement of establishing “little Mogadishu ” in town too! Thats gotta be an all american attraction! Sure to encourage business and investment in Lewiston! Also thank you for encouraging half of somalia to settle into Lewistons public housing, 12% of the population yet 80% occupy public housing! Thank you for the amtrak station that Lewiston got! Oh wait, that was Brunswick. Thank you for my rising property taxes, which fund your ever needy social engineering projects. Thank you for all that and more to come! Im sure you can come up with lots of new programs to take more of our money. Which of course really isnt my money, but your money to do with as you see fit! After all thats what socialist countries do! Thanks a lot!

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