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LETTER: LePage won—“The times they are a-changin’!”

Letter to the Editor:

They complain he only garnered 38 percent of the vote. But alas, he won.

They say that if it weren’t for the “Cutler Files,” Eliot would have won. But the alleged “dirty politics” said to be contained in these files would not rise to the start of a pimple on the rear end of American political history.

Perhaps victory was the result of a group of angry taxpayers introducing a WMDD (Weapon of Mass Democrat Destruction)—Tea—into Maine’s water supply.

Boo hoo! What will we do? Paul LePage is now Governor! The rascally Republicans control the House and Senate! They’re going after entitlements! Oh, the horror!

No more sleeping until noon. No more partying all night. Without subsidies, lay-abouts might have to get (gulp!) a job.

State money will no longer be available to illegal—I’m sorry, “undocumented”— aliens. (I hope I didn’t offend anyone.) Unfortunately this will probably result in mass layoffs in many non-profit organizations.

The Lewiston-Auburn area stands to take a major economic hit. Where will the lay-abouts now get money to buy cigarettes, tattoos, body piercings and Allen’s Coffee Brandy? Also, will the local apartment rentals survive the hit?

The audacity of Governor LePage, taking money that could continue generous entitlements and use it to pay the debt owed the hospitals. How undemocratic!

But his bluntness serves to help even the dimmest bulb to understand “the times they are a-changin’.” Maine will no longer be, amongst other things, a welfare promise land.

When talking about environmental issues, the phrase “for the children” will no longer be looked on as an absolute. Real science will be required to backup one’s position.

Groups like the NAACP, which expect politicians to prostrate before them, now find that they are nothing more than just another special interest group.

Then we have out-of-state trust funders, social engineers and carpetbaggers hoping for a second chance at redemption after ruining the state in which they formerly resided. Rather than use their idle time protesting against Maine’s new duly elected Governor and Legislature, may I suggest looking for a home from whence you came. Most Mainers neither want nor need your help.

I believe Governor LePage will stay the course. It appears there is a “Raye of hope” that the Legislature will also.

Hey, with our savings, we may now be able to afford to take our children/grandchildren to Disneyland!

Robert Macdonald


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