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LETTER: Auburn Public Works gets an “Atta Boy!”

To the Editor:

The Auburn Public Works crew was in my neighborhood on March 3, removing the snow banks alongside the streets. I decided to make a short movie of their work for my grandsons, who, at the ages of two and three, are “big truck” and heavy equipment enthusiasts. I have seen the results of this type of public works effort plenty of times, but never actually watched the men at their labors.

I was very impressed by their industry and teamwork. While filming the comings and goings and the back and forth, I was reminded a bit of a busy anthill, with worker ants darting in and out with their burdens, all the while maintaining a productive traffic flow.

Graders, assorted plows, a power snow blower and numerous dump trucks maneuvered up and down the streets like clockwork. While graders were working on one street, knocking down the banks of snow, crews were hauling snow away from the next street over. In what seemed like a very short time, they were done and had moved off to another part of the city.

I spoke to several of the men and found them to be pleasant and very safety-conscious. They all deserve a gold-plated “Atta Boy!” award. If the city can come up with a mobile viewing stand, tickets to these events, then popcorn and hot drinks could be sold to augment city coffers.

Andrew Tasker


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