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L/A Cash Mob strikes again

The L/A Cash Mob has struck again! This time the target was Dube’s Flower Shop, located at 195 Lisbon Street in Downtown Lewiston. Locally owned and operated since 1936, Dube’s happily weathered the August 9 visit from over 30 friendly cash-mobbers.

Designed to provide an economic boost to local businesses, cash mobs consist of shoppers patronizing a targeted business with cash in hand. Primarily organized through social media, the secret of the location isn’t released until just minutes before the event.

“I think the news is out,” said co-event organizer Travis Dow. “When you support local businesses, the money stays in the community. Money that stays in the community gets circulated, supports neighboring businesses and acts as a clear economic benefit to the area.”

Prior to the event, participants were notified to meet downtown and to have their wallets ready to support a business within walking distance. Once assembled, the group marched to Dube’s Flower Shop, which just moments before had been revealed as the target to laughter and applause from the crowd.

“This is one of the easiest ways to energize the local economy,” said co-event organizer Angie Lafrance. “Supporting a community mainstay with the power of your wallet is influential, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve been inside the store.”

The event wasn’t a total surprise to Dube’s owner Skip Girouard, who had been contacted by organizers the week before and told to be ready for a crowd.

“I’ll have to check my records, but I don’t think we’ve ever had a day where a bunch of people walked in waving twenty-dollar bills and demanding to buy everything off the shelves,” said Girouard. “As a small business, this type of support and energy is certainly welcomed.”

Although no dates have been set, Dow and Lafrance said plans are already in the works for another cash mob event in the Twin Cities.

“We like to think of this as a reintroduction to our local businesses,” said Dow. “This really is a community event. Dube’s was nominated with a lot of enthusiasm by some of the attendees at our last gathering. Now that we have another one under our belts, we’ll be taking nominations for the next business to be mobbed.”

For more information about the L/A Cash Mob or to become a sponsor, contact Angie Lafrance or Travis Dow of Uncle Andy’s Digest at (207) 783-7039 or, or visit the L/A Cash Mob on Facebook at



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