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Enough is Enough: Mayors Against Illegal Guns goes overboard, loses credibility

By Robert E. Macdonald
Mayor of Lewiston
They wrote me a letter. They sent me an email. They wrote again. They sent me several more emails.
It became apparent that they wanted me on their organizational rolls. Rolls that would be seen throughout the country containing names of notable figures, not so notable figures, and a household name in Texas and Australia—mine.
Their efforts to secure my endorsement of their organization caused me to ponder. Should I let them market my name? If so, should I demand cash or some type of perks? What was my name worth? Was Dustin Pedroia pursued by the Red Sox organization with this much vigor?
In the end, I decided that being able to look myself in the mirror was more important than comprising my beliefs for a few moments of recognition. I sent them an email, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

You’re probably wondering who was making this effort to get me on the rolls of their organization. It was Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the signature group created by anti-gun crusader Billionaire Nanny Bloomberg (AKA Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City).
Yes, before attempting to ban oversized sodas, smoking, sodium, trans fats and Styrofoam cups in the City of New York, he poured millions of his personal finances to create a somewhat effective vocal anti-gun group.
To my knowledge, guns manufactured in the United States by licensed companies are legal. Perhaps MAIG’s mission is to investigate a rumor once posted on Facebook that a sinister criminal organization, run by the Joker, the Penguin and the Evil Professor Moriarty, has created an illegal, underground gun-manufacturing empire designed to supply criminals with the tools needed to carry out their trade.
If you take a legally bought rifle or shotgun and make the barrel shorter by sawing off a few inches, that would make it illegal. It could then be used to rob or shoot somebody. But those are the actions of a criminal, who in almost all cases is prohibited from possessing any legal firearm.
However, there was one gun that showed up from time to time in the neighborhood in which I was raised—a zip gun. This is a homemade device usually found in the possession of some pimple-faced wannabe gangster.
But all is not well in Gotham. Unlike the Roman Empire, which went on for centuries, Nanny Bloomberg’s empire may last less than a decade.
Founded in 2006, MAIG grew from 15 members to over 950 mayors throughout the country. Their goal was to stop gun violence by restricting your right to own and purchase certain types of firearms and carry a gun.
They strive to make law-abiding citizens evil in order to deflect their failure to decrease out-of-control violence in their cities. Many of these cities make legendary Dodge City of the Old West look like a haven for pacifists.
But, like all groups filled with arrogant, pompous people that think they know better than the average person when it comes to running your life, they eventually go overboard, lose credibility and fall apart. So it is with Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
They started off with a focus aimed at the enforcement of existing laws and morphed into a group that demanded smaller magazines, banning the sale of certain types of weapons and tough new gun-control measures aimed at law-abiding citizens. Their egotistic, Nanny-state mentality, along with their out-of-touch arrogance, is now causing many group members to reassess their membership.
They have inserted themselves into Congressional races that are up for grabs, which has alienated them with leaders of both political parties. They lost focus on their original mission. But the best goof of all was when MAIG released a list that included 10 wanted murder suspects and Tamerlan Tsarnaeu, the Boston Marathon bomber who was shot by police and run over by his brother, identifying them as victims of gun violence.
This group has lost more than 50 of its original members who have woken up to what appears to be the group’s real mission: denying law-abiding citizens their right to bear and own a firearm.


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