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Enough is Enough: Veterans have a duty to help fellow veterans

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

A patriot was murdered last week. I grieve for him. He wasn’t a household name, like many people in the entertainment business.

No, he was part of a brotherhood of warriors, a brotherhood that protects this country from foreign enemies. A brotherhood that insures American citizens continue to enjoy the rights set down by ourfounding fathers in the Constitution and paid for, since the founding of our Republic, with the willing blood of American patriots.

In death, former Navy SEAL Christopher Kyle has beenreferred to as a hero. He was not a hero. “Heroes” win football, baseball and hockey games. Let us not cheapen his reputation by referring to him as a hero. He was a patriot—a patriot that sacrificed time with his family and friends in order to protect his brothers, country and family. This sacrifice also extended to those faceless and cowardly Americans that nastily celebrate this patriot’s demise.

Kyle earned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars during his four tours of duty in Iraq. His effectiveness was such that the Iraqi insurgents placed an $80,000 bounty on him. Kyle believed that “taking out bad guys, terrorists and insurgents who meant to harm America and destabilize regions, is a compassionate thing to do. It was my duty to shoot, and I don’t regret it.”

Kyle also realized many on the Left looked at him as a killer. These liberal Lefties who have lived their precious and privileged lives insulated, unaware and free from the suffering and hardships of thoseborn into societies where survival of the fittest is the rule of the day.

Kyle spoke of this when he stated, “For the most part, the public is very soft; you live in a dream world. You have no idea what goes on the other side of the world, the harsh realities of what these people are doing to themselves and then to our guys. There are certain things to be done to take care of them.”

Chris Kyle was killed, along with his neighbor, on a shooting range by a combat veteran. A combat veteran that Kyle was trying to help readjust to society. Many are befuddled as to why he was out shooting on a firing range with this individual. If this does not make sense to you,then forgive those who have seen combat and will not comment on it. You would most definitely not understand.

The response from the Left to his death can be summed up by the statement made by veteran, U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who remarked upon being told of Kyle’s death, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” Thank God he did not become President.

I hope this is not the beginning of a campaign by those on the Left to minimize and villainize the sacrifices made by our men and women who proudly wear the various military uniforms of our country. This was successfully done to those who serve this country during the Vietnam War. The treatment engaged in by politicians, the news media and the general public helped to brand these patriotic Americans as societal outcasts.

This resulted in many turning to drugs, alcohol and suicide. Many to this day will not speak of their Vietnam service for fear of public scorn.

The good news is there are many former veterans thatbelieve in following two codes: “No man left behind” and “Veterans have a duty to help fellow veterans.” Groups like the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans all have been formed to make sure that all veterans are apprised and receive any help due to them.

These groups are more than old men sitting around a bar, drinking and telling war stories. They are resources. Veterans earned their benefits by serving their country, not just because they can breathe. Joining one of these groups will help ensure that your benefits don’t someday disappear. You may be looked up to today, but forgotten tomorrow.

A patriot was murdered last week. I grieve for him.

I also want to recognize and compliment Lewiston’s Department of Public Works for the outstanding job they did during the recent storm. Thank you.








One Response to “Enough is Enough: Veterans have a duty to help fellow veterans”

  • Frank Ayotte:

    This is in response to Bob Macdonald’s column about veterans helping veterans. As a veteran myself, I totally agree with the work that organizations are doing to aid those who have served.
    I take exception with his implying that ONLY conservatives are patriots. I am a “lefty” as he calls us, and I would challenge anyone to question my patriotism. The vast majority of Democrats and other liberal leaning people are true Americans and patriots as well. To imply that we have all led privileged and insulated lives is insane and uninformed. I was greatly offended by his assertions. As an American and a human being, my belief is that we are all here to help one another. If we all lived our lives that way, it would be a far better earth that we inhabit.
    Mcdonald can be as narrow-minded as he wishes, but to assume and believe that being liberal means not being a patriot is disgusting. I would like him to tell me that to my face. I would meet with him anytime.

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