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Enough is Enough: Extremist liberals widen the divide with Somalis

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

I don’t know about you, but the occasional news stories about the poor treatment of Lewiston’s Somali population are becoming annoying.

I’m sick of hearing the Somalis don’t feel welcome here. I’m sick of hearing Lewistonians must understand their culture and make exceptions towards them if their actions clash with American customs and laws. I’m sick of hearing about their lack of employment. I’m sick of hearing about phantom victimization.

But what frosts me the most is these complaints are coming almost exclusively from boo-hoo white do-gooders and their carpetbagger friends.

Since becoming mayor, I have met with groups of Somalis on several occasions. I have found the overwhelming majority to be kind and very hospitable. The majority express their appreciation for having been afforded the chance to live in a place that is safe and offers unlimited opportunities in which to better themselves.

Many are employed. Many own homes. Many have started businesses, which have grown our tax base. Lastly, their children are bright, especially the girls. Many currently attend top private colleges and universities, maintaining a GPA of between 3.5 and 4.0. These are the Somalis I know.

In my job as mayor, I have two goals. The first is to work with the city council and city staff to set Lewiston on a path towards economic growth. The second is to unify the city because, after 10 years of this foolishness, enough is enough.

Perhaps a recap of the last 10 years from a different perspective might help.

After surviving the squalor and rampant danger in refugee camps, the Somalis sought safety and opportunity in Lewiston. Almost all Lewistonians welcomed them; that is, with the exception of those living in the neighborhood in which the Somalis were settled.

These new neighbors looked upon the Somalis as interlopers, fearing they would cut into their portion of the welfare pie. Their solution? Make it uncomfortable for the Somalis. The result? All Lewistonians were branded as racists, creating a divide—not by the Somalis, but by the white do-gooders and carpetbaggers.

How do submissive Somali women turn into obnoxious customers at the grocery store cash register? Could it be they were told by white do-gooders and carpetbaggers, “Don’t take no for an answer. Stand up for your rights!” Thus, they widened the divide.

Then the piece de resistance: equating safety-seeking Somalis with job-seeking French Canadians. This so outraged Lewiston’s established community that even today this statement is held against the Somali population, creating a divide that may never be closed. Yet the Somalis never made this comparison. The white do-gooders did.

Are there some Somalis who are layabouts, constantly thinking of ways to game the system? Absolutely! Like our white and black domestic bums, they should be encouraged to find a new place to live.

Living in America, the Somalis must conform to our culture. Here men and women are equal. In many places of employment, women are the boss. Somali men will have to get over it and conform. There can only be one dominant central culture: American.

The demagoguery and hypocrisy coming from a small number of extremist white liberals and their African surrogates seeking to cast Lewiston in a bad light is unconscionable. This is especially egregious when the behavior of the Somalis towards the Bantus is revealed.

The Somalis and Bantus hate each other and have no problem getting physical with one another, thus creating a problem of coexistence between the two groups. Yet we never hear about this.

Julius Sleeper of Tree Street Youth, Chris Pope of the Root Cellar, Sonya and Doug Taylor of the Jesus Party and many Bates College students work with the inner-city refugees and the poor of Lewiston. They put and keep kids whose prospects in life are bleak on a real path to success without any fanfare. As Lewiston mayor, I thank them for what they are doing.

For those who feel they have to justify their existence by demeaning Lewiston, attempting to make a pimple into a major crisis: Don’t let the door hit you in the rear. You’re not welcome here.

Next week, Part Two.

Remember in November.

Lastly, I apologize to Lewiston’s landlords and business people. I have not forgotten you. Hopefully, we can sit down within the month.


47 Responses to “Enough is Enough: Extremist liberals widen the divide with Somalis”

  • Brenda Watts:

    We all need to come together…Unite people…

  • Mohamed Abdillahi:

    Mr Mayor,

    I don’t know if my reply will reach you but I am hoping that your friends from TCT will not discard it. I am one Somali man that had enough of your veiled remarks. I am sick and tired to listen or read your hatred that you have for the people of Lewiston especially the Somalis and French canadians . We are not afraid to respond to your garbage. We were very patient with you since the day that you were elected Mayor hoping that we can teach something valuable in this community. Let me remind you that you beat a dead candidate by few hundred people and that all Lewiston population and Establishment despise you greatly. Your obsession toward the defendless poor Somalians is paramount. This great City of Lewiston has many different population from Congo, Togo, Sudan …etc But your hatred vis a vis Somalian and French Canadian is annoying. I know that since the days of your campaign you have a beef against the Somali men, i said ” Enough is Enough”. You do not know us in order for you to make stupids generalisation. Please note that you are the worst elected Mayor that this great City has known. Next election is around the corner. Keep up your hatred between the population of Lewiston. Starting from now one you will find someone who will answers you.


    Mohamed Abdillahi

  • Thanks to a great mayor who understands the problems in Lewiston and is finally doing something about it. Like our Governor,you state the facts and are looking for answers to solve our problems. Breath of fresh air if comparing to what a politician would do!

    • Athlete:

      Who elected this guy as a mayor? this guy is a joke and a racist! People need to chill and understand to respect other cultures and keep ignorant cooments to their self.

  • amo:

    Why exactly is the mayor so obsessed with Somali women and girls? It’s creepy and weird how he mentions them at every turn. His generalizations are patently ridiculous (Somali women are meek and studious, Somali men are no good deadbeats) and demonstrate an elementary mindset. I don’t know how the people of Lewiston put up with this guy, trashing half the city whenever he can (whether that be Somalis or anyone he deems to be a loser) and given a mouthpiece like this in a free paper that is half filled with ads and half filled with MHPC propaganda.

    • Former mayor Larry Gilbert wrote a column in TCT for more than 4 years, espousing very liberal positions every single week. I don’t recall you accusing us of being a mouthpiece for left-wing propaganda or organizations like Maine People’s Alliance. I guess free speech is tolerated only when you agree with it.

      You’ll be glad to see that in this Thursday’s edition, we published a letter to the editor taking issue with the mayor, as well as a front-page story written by Welcoming Maine. We do strive to be fair and balanced, even if readers cherry pick the stories and columns they choose to assail.

      • Ali Adem:

        What you supporting is not free speech but a hate speech, and if you call this column fair and balanced then, you may need a dictionary to understand words like fair and balanced. For my consolation I wasnâ??t expecting much from your newspaper to begin with. Keep the lousy work and the support the hate speech, you may give KKK front page.

        • JP Freely:

          “What you supporting is not free speech but a hate speech”

          So I guess in your opinion “free speech” is only “love speech”?

          The Mayor has ever right to voice his opinions, so long as he is willing to be held accountable for them. The paper has every right to publish those opinions as well. You have every right to challenge those opinions, but you have NO right to censor them.

          Welcome to America.

  • Pierre:

    Mr. Mayor, your the Best mayor we ever had! You Speak the truth about many issues. The established welfare machine has turned Lewiston into a dumping ground for “refuges” and bums seeking to wring as much money out of the system as possible! A true “service center”! The welfare portion of Lewiston’s budget has gone through the roof! And the welfare machine only demands more of our money! Maybe ask Mr. Abdillahi why islam berates and subjugates women? Freedom of religion? We’re supposed to understand a culture where women are treated like second class citizens? The muslim culture goes against many things American thus the comments about somali women. They seem to want to make America and Lewiston adhere to muslim culture and values, even when they fly against American laws and values! It says in GOD we trust! Not in Allah we trust! Conflict is inevitable!

    • Kaabe:

      I’m flabbergasted that this city has elected mayor who’s frankly thick; no doubt an intelligent person will not express such dull outdated and ignorant stereotypes about sections of the city.

      With these types of narrow minded leaders good luck you Americans with your future leadership. This guy is displaying blatant hatred to the Somalis in particular with abhorrent views not suitable to the modern cosmopolitan cities. These views are loathing and I’m mostly shocked by their frequency and the ease to express such vulgar by a mayor even to small city unlike my hometown London UK.

    • Bosco:

      Get your facts right! Islam doesn’t subjugates women. Infact Islam gave women freedon long ago! your are confusing culture with religion. Islam treats women 100% better than your so called western world where a woman image is used for material purposes. We treat our women with dignity and not paying her half of what men get in your work places! Wake up and don’t lsiten to Fox news!

    • Atlantic:

      Pierre I don’t if your just stupid or ignorant either is bad this wasnt about dividing people it was a Mayor disrespecting Somalis and playing divide and rule concept like it will work for him idiot ! But to come back to you and to show you how off you are the name Allah come from the name I LLAHU in hibrew or Rabi which means God because god is just a figure or a character of all Gods so if you read back word Is a Dog that shows you the most powerful creator didnt call him self God just like you wouldn’t call your self a father is not your name because you share with all fathers but Allah in Arabic or ILLAHU in hibrew is the actuall name Jesus used when he prayed to words Allah

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  • You quote “Here men and women are equal. In many places of employment, women are the boss. Somali men will have to get over it and conform.” Are you saying we Somalis don’t respect our women? This fat guy don’t deserve to be Major, full of bullshit.

  • Somali:

    My fellow Somalians take it easy. This guy is ignorant. There is nothing he knows about the Somali people.

    Mr. Dirty Mayor,

    You are sick! If you are an alected official and a head of a town,then act like chief ,not like a cheap.

    Do you know how many Americans from Maine get welfare in Africa/Somalia? More than the Somalians in your little town.

    By the way we Somalians are very proud, our women are more freer than your wife, even back home they are more employed than men,they are in every trade that men do.

    We are naturally creative,resillient and hard working people.

    We dont buy your garbage. Only unstable person can use such language as yours. Did you do a drug test recently?

    We live in most cities of US and their mayors appreciate our presense and treat us no different than our fellow citizens.If they read your crap they will laugh at you.

  • Abdirizak Bihi:

    I am very amazed by the people of Lewiston or In the state of Maine. How much do you have to offend a certain people? What is so sexy about insulting Somalis especially Somali men? Reminds us history books on American slavery tactics. “discredit the male to break the culture and existence of lesser groups” Is Maine using this 1500 doctrine today. So backward. mr. Mayor, I hope your wife and daughters and female employees are safe. I am serious.

    Abdirizak Bihi
    Execuive Director of
    Somali Education and Social Advocay Center

  • Abdirizak Bihi:

    I am very amazed by the people of Lewiston or In the state of Maine. How much do you have to offend a certain people? What is so sexy about insulting Somalis especially Somali men? Reminds us history books on American slavery tactics. â??discredit the male to break the culture and existence of lesser groupsâ?? Is Maine using this 1500 doctrine today. So backward. mr. Mayor, I hope your wife and daughters and female employees are safe. I am serious.

    Abdirizak Bihi
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, North America

  • Proud Somali Minnesotan:

    Folks, as Somali-American, this is why I thank Minnesota everyday! Thank you Minnesota, because we, Somali-Americans, never experienced just hate-filled garbage coming from a ruthless and racist mayor in the cities we live here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

    Mr. Macdonald is simply an idiot, the piece of garbage he wrote says all about him: a racist, narrow-minded, backward-thinker who has no respect for human rights. Utilising the old “divide and rule” policy, he tries to create rivalry, first, beween Somali men and Somali women, second, between the Somalis community and other black communities (Bantu), third, between the white people and the black people, and lastly, the liberals and conservatives. In the 21st century, this kind of narrow-minded mentality has not place in America. Mr. Macdonald, I feel sorry for you, America has come a long way since that dirty thinking.

    Proud Somali Minnesotan, Proud Somali American!

  • Mohamed:

    No Mr. Racist Mayor enough is not enough, you are the worst Mayor on earth, how can you seek for a ” Good Lewiston” while you demean parts of the community and praise the other part, you are so ungrateful, Lewiston Somalis have turned the “old spider-web occupied downtown” into business center adding more flavor into the melted economy of the city….your undercover sympathizer Mrs. Julia sleeper told you the wrong story, there is no rift between Somalis and Somali Bantus, we have been living together before coming here, we love each other( except on individual based issue)…..I’m wondering what you do in your office may be grab a paper and thing of so many way to bash Somalis…..

  • Cecilia:

    Pierre – “Allah” is the Arabic word for God, just as it is “Deus” in Latin, “Gott” in German, “Dios” in Spanish, or “Dieu” in French (I’m assuming that you know THAT one…. PIERRE.) “In God we trust” was added to American rhetoric during the Red Scare of the 1950s, when people felt like they had to “out-American” each other with radical chest-thumping. So, if that’s better than the Constitution for you, thump away. But if you were to speak the sentence “Nous avons confiance en Dieu” would that make you less American? Not as far as my parents & (late) grandparents are concerned.

    To the Somali community, I’m only a 2nd generation American myself. I’m glad you are here, and I’m sorry that you continue to experience generalizations, prejudice, or complete disdain from some individuals.

  • Ali Adem:

    Somali people are resilient and will survive any hate word you throw at them, rest assure they will the last standing when you gone and your term finish. Off course our children will attend the best school while yours will be Meth head. I can’t believe you call your self a Mayor, you are NOT a Mayor but disgrace bigotry individual, and please learn the history and educate your self the topic you discussing before you open your dirt mouth, Bantus are Somali’s, we have our issue like every other society, other wise we would be under your mercy. Mayor bigot. Your article gives me new appreciation knowing I’m Seattleite.

  • Athlete:

    This country is made up of Immigrants and the only people that own the land are Native Indians. Enough with the racist remarks and learn to appreciate others without harrassing and paying attention to differences

  • Whoever provokes you controls you calm down people .This human being suffers from intellectual laziness and hate hurts those who hate . We are all subjected in making mistakes , please kindly let us forgive him . We are hard working people poverty is never celebrated in our community .

  • Mohamed:

    Someone in such Authority doing this…writing his failures on every website….my friend your pulling your own legs…..Make no Mistake you will be remembered for being the most failed mayor……

  • Moh:

    I visited Maine about 5 years ago because friend was getting married. At the time I was stationed in East Coast working for the gov.

    Coming from large metro area, i still remember how slow and small the place was, but I respected those who call it home.

    I wouldn’t worry much about the mayor because we all resist change and newcomers.

    As long as you’re working hard and taking care of your families and neighbors.

  • Abdi H. Daisane:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,

    I don’t know what your problem is or how long the stick you’ve got up your ass is, but please, show some sensitivity at least. It’s not the first time you’ve said these kind of garbage. believe me, many of us, Somalis would rather read the first lines and skim through the columns without being inflamed by you. It’s become obvious that you’re a troll, a lowlife vagabond, and most stupidest city mayor ever been existed. but, i repeated, please stop. It’s annoying and irritating to exercise and display your stupidity publicly.

  • Abdulfatah Ali:

    Mr. Mayor of Lewiston,

    Reading this article, it seems like you are some what defending the somalis but you are also wrong on several areas of your statements.

    I have lived in Lewiston for 1 year and i am still not far from it as i have a business there.

    to give it to you bluntly, lewiston is not a welcoming place for somalis.

    a welcoming city embraces all its people, treats them equally, and tries to improve the living condition and the future of all its people.

    in lewiston, all government agencies are racists. individual immigrants have no hope of getting out the poverty and improving their lives because there is no window of opportunity. for example, the mayor is racist, the police chief and his/her staff are racist, the courts are racist, and the schools are racists and will do anything to make sure a somali kid dont graduate from high school regardless of how hard they try.

    individual somalis who are able to work can’t find jobs because city business don’t hire somalis.
    a place of worship is under attack by city officials constant by enacting rules that makes it impossible for immigrant person to find a place to worship.

    last year i was translating for a punch of somali elders because their mosque was being closed by the city. it was a public hearing. and the mayor asked me, if we shut down the place of worship, where will you guys pray? i was surprised he asked this because there 34 thousands individuals living in lewiston with over 100 churches. i mean, if you stand downtown lewiston you can’t count the number of churches you see with your fingers. so why is the local government fighting the only place 5000 worships come to, to pray to their god? what happen to the freedom of religion?

    in short, Lewiston has other bigger issues to worry about, like education, employment, drug controls, and infrastructure problems. somalis should the least of your problems.

    do what you were elected for sir, and stop meddling between the wife’s and husband’s of the somali people or the friction between somalis and bantus, because that is not what you were elected for.

  • basbaas:

    I have an immigrant story. Most people come here for economic reasons, or religious reasons, or racial reasons, or gender reasons, or one of those things. I had a good job in Paris, but America was, and still is, the golden fleece. And I’ve done very well!
    Jacques Pepin

    It’s not the people in the South who create racial problems – it’s the people who are governing.
    Nat King Cole

    No one in this country woke up one day, in their homeland and told them self’s. Am going to leave my family, my friends, my job, and my belongings and just move to America. Everyone in this land came here weather running from death, hunger, percecution, or the right to persue their dreams in which they couldn’t achieved in their land. Nothing lasts for ever, nor empires or countries. Americans may one day become refugees in another country, and seek guidance and may want to prosper in that land.

    The seed you plant today may one day feed your family, and do not let your leaders guide you to a path that is filled with hate, because, hate and ignorance have no place in society, nor can it guide communities or different ethnicities to right paths.
    I judge no humans for their lack to blend in with others or their ways of life, because, God made us different and gave us cultures
    Not to hurt each other feelings, or life. But to embrace our differences and learn from each other. So we can focus on the main tasks. Which is to continue to evolve to a better society who understand the world is big enough for everyone for now.

    Finaly. To be in complete happiness with one self, you must be loved by others. Not for your acts, but for your patience and the willingness to understand other people feelings. Give my fellow Somali’s the chance to prosper in this borrowed land, and maybe one day you will be rewarded for your patience.

  • […] Mayor, Robert MacDonald, has expressed some inflammatory views in recent columns here and here. Although, he has a history of related remarks: I’m sick of hearing the Somalis don’t […]

  • Charles Martel:

    Thankfully, this mayor has a backbone unlike most politicians. Has everyone, i.e the white do-gooders, forgotten the arrest for fraud of the couple who owned the halal market this past June? What about the halal shops that have laundered food stamps and welfare checks to terrorists oveseas?

    Are all Somalis bad? No, but they certainly know how to work the system and try to obtain welfare benefits for their multiple wives…which I thought was illegal in this country.

    Assimilation, not accommodation, has worked with previous generations of immigrants, why not the Somalis?

    The politically correct people of Lewiston are victims of cultural (stealth) jihad and need to wake up to the real issue at hand which is the gradual eroding of our traditional American values.

    • basbaas:

      eroding of our traditional American values… Please explain to me what traditional values you speak of? Also you said Somalis know how to work the system.? Which system you are you speaking of?

      It’s a shame anyone who speaks like that knows anything about American values, or It’s foundation. I bet you can’t even name nine Presidents. Lol

  • chris:

    The Somalis that wrote comments against the mayor must not have read the letter. He was actually saying nice things about the Somali population in general, his problem is with out of town groups who have too much time on their hands who are trying to stir up the pot. It is a problem state wide.

    • Shootstrait44:

      Thanks for pointing that out Chris, some posters cheery picked words out of this article to make their points.
      How about re-reading the article people since you missed the entire point of it.
      And let me remind all of you, this is America and everyone has the right to their thoughts and opinions and to speak as they wish.
      You are free to agree or disagree as you wish NOT to dictate what others can say or think.

  • Bill:

    I think Mayor MacDonald comes across as a bit of a racist lunatic in some ways, but I also think he has the right intentions. I actually don’t think he’s racist lunatic, but he does need a publicist and PR person to essentially translate the core of his message so that his constituents know what he actually means.

    I get your message, Mac, but you’re going about it, and saying it, like a knuckleheaded Marine.

  • Karen L.:

    White trash is white trash…

  • Me:

    Robert Macdonald or Glenn Beck? Hard to tell.

  • council:

    I believe the system that the somalians know how to exploit is the welfare/social service system-
    for one Every business that i encounter needs to pay money for an interpreter for them, even though they can speak english (i have witnessed this first hand)
    second many of them have their friends watch each others children and claim it as “childcare” from welfare.
    third – i have heard of them using each others children to get more benefits from the government and since the children all have birthdates of jan 1, 199x it is hard to track which children are which.
    lastly – most of them are somali refugees whom are legal non-citizens eg they are not american citizens! they have never paid into the social security system and frankly have no business talking about the mayor since they legally cannot vote they are a guest of the united states and have a lot of nerve complaining since we provided them with food , shelter, education and an escape from their hellhole of a country. by the way they also get “seed money” from the government (federal programs) that give them money to start businesses (look it up)

    until the government gets smart and starts prosecuting’/deporting the people that abuse the system then we will continue to have issues.

  • council:

    one more thing, I am asking the somali community to post on this forum how much money they have received from the federal, local and state governments. I will clue you in to something somalis, sudanese and any other nationality that comes here – the money is not free it comes from the taxpayer – yep its true.. the jerks that are rude to you are rude because our tax dollars pay for you to hate us.

    • basbaas:

      For your info I lived in America for seventeen years. And let me teach you one or two about your country. You don’t have to be a citizen to pay taxes or in to social security. You do that the first day you get s job. Everyone pays taxes, unless your Native American.

      So please Stop effing act like your one or two effing dollars that uncle Sam’s taxes you, feeds the intire Somali population.
      I pay over ten grand a year in taxes and I don’t bitch about out. I don’t give a crap who gets it, as long my troops are fed and their boots are shimmering. So please go digg a hole stuff your head in, and don’t come out until Fox news is off the air.

  • council:

    nice try, but you do not pay taxes if you do not have a ssn or report income to the government of course we all pay sales tax and things of that nature but income tax is another ballgame- get real, do your homework, I have- I have investigated the system and found loopholes, the same loopholes exploited by hundreds if not thousands of both immigrants and local people alike. Dont BS me and say they pay taxes – by the way I also pay over 10k a year in taxes which is over 30% of my income.
    Since we are on the subject,
    -have you done ANY research into the tax system/state department grants for immigrants?
    – do you have ANY firsthand knowledge of the immigrants taking advantage of their host country?
    – Are you taking advantage of your host country
    and lastly
    — IF you are an immigrant how much money was given to you by the federal , state, and local governments
    next time you post have some answers, not just garbage.

    • Linda:

      bravo…they are destroying and bankrupting the state of Minnesota!What the American people do not realize is that these people are given SSI out of our social security trust fund and have not worked a day in the US. We are not going to take it much longer!

  • basbaas:

    I never borrowed a dime from feds. I made my money from scratch. Unlike you. Let me tell you again if a non citizen works they have to pay income tax. I started paying taxes my first job I ever had. Which was McDonald’s 16 years ago and all the loop holes you speak off. They don’t exist there is no refugees loopholes. Everyone is entitled to receive welfare, so stop with your hatting. If you don’t like feeding the poor. Stop paying taxes and see what uncle sams says. Otherwise pay your two dollars taxes and claim back your 1.50 at the end of year. Last advice instead of wasting time researching refugees loopholes, research how to live peacefully with others.

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  • […] a column, Mayor McDonald had more choice words for the whole mess and the enablers of the Somali grievance mob. I’m sick of hearing the Somalis […]

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