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Recycling will now be easier in Lewiston

Recycling will soon be easier for Lewiston residents: it will no longer be necessary to pre-sort trash before putting it at curbside.

Starting July 1, single-stream recycling comes to Lewiston! Indeed, there will no longer be any need to separate or sort any recyclable materials, as it will all go into the same recycling container at Lewiston’s Solid Waste Facility. Garbage collection days will remain the same.

“No more trying to remember which bin to place mixed paper, cardboard, tin cans, etc.,” said Deputy Public Works Director Megan Bates. “No sorting at all, not at curbside, not at the Solid Waste Facility.”

“In addition to being more user friendly, the cost of the new service will be less than the service provided now,” said Bates. “At the city’s current recycling rate, every ton Lewiston recycles saves the city $42.50 or a total of $34,000 per year, providing tax relief for residents. Hopefully, single-stream recycling, or zero-sort recycling as it’s also known, will get more folks enthusiastic about recycling.”

Residents may continue to use their blue recycling tote. However, regular recyclers have reported that the tote is sometimes too small. If they wish, residents may use a new preferred recycling container of their choice and may visit the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility, 424 River Road, to acquire a container label.

A standard 36-gallon container with a lid is recommended. If residents do use a different container than the blue tote, they can also continue to use the blue tote for additional recycling space.

In regards to paper, if it tears it’s recyclable: newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone/soft/hard cover books, direct mail envelopes (all types), paper (all colors—staples/paper clips are okay), paper board (cereal and shoe boxes), and all corrugated cardboard/brown paper bags, and milk/juice cartons.

Any and all plastics must have a bit of give when attempting to bend. They include plastic bottles and containers No. 1-7, soda/juice/water (glass or plastic), milk jugs, bleach/detergent, shampoo and food containers (cottage cheese, margarine, yogurt).

Accepted rigid plastics include: one- and five-gallon buckets with handles attached, milk/soda crates, laundry baskets, small plastic trash bins (up to five gallons), plastic toys, landscape trays, plastic plant pots, kitty litter buckets, and children’s-size rigid pools.

In regards to metal, aluminum (pie plates/trays/foil), metal cans (tin/steel/aluminum) and empty aerosol containers will be accepted. Glass bottles and jars (any color) will be accepted as well.

All recycled items must be rinsed and clear of food. Item labels do not need to be removed. In addition, other materials such as bulky waste, construction debris, metal and wood will still be accepted at the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility.

Items that cannot be recycled are: window glass, mirrors, plastic bags/film, foam packaging, stretch wrap, dishes/ceramics/Pyrex, medical waste or sharps, oils/paints, and hard brittle plastic or computers.

For more information and details regarding accepted recyclables, residents may visit In addition, informational pamphlets are available at the Lewiston Public Library, 200 Lisbon Street; Lewiston City Hall, 27 Pine Street; Lewiston Public Works, 103 Adams Avenue; and the Solid Waste Facility, 424 River Road, as well as at several non-profits within the City of Lewiston.

Flyers have also been distributed through Lewiston elementary schools. Individuals may also contact the Solid Waste Facility at 513-3006.

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