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LETTER: It’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs

To the Editor:

In this election year, both Republicans and Democrats in Maine will be talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. There is one surefire way to get more jobs fast. Let Maine workers decide for themselves whether they want to join a union or not.

They should have the right to choose, not be forced to join a union that they do not want. Maine should become one of the 23 “Right to Work” states. These states have seen double the population growth of forced unionism states because workers go where the jobs are.

“Right to Work” states have gained 25 U.S. House seats since 1990. Why? Again, because people move to where the jobs are. Forced unionism suffocates jobs and makes companies less competitive.

In this upcoming election, ask the candidates if they believe in the “freedom to choose.” Let’s help make Maine the 24th state to adopt “Right to Work” laws. It’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

George Mathews


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