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Enough is Enough The right of free speech in a politically correct world By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

This week I was scolded by a gentleman, who carries very liberal beliefs, for what he characterized as the vindictiveness and contempt in my weekly column criticizing liberals. He felt that as mayor of the City of Lewiston, I should be above that. Well, I’m not.

I am a fervent nationalistic American. I do not hyphenate my nationality. I am an American, period. I have been endowed by the Creator and the Founding Fathers of our great nation with a First Amendment right of free speech. I earned that right as a combat Marine in the rice paddies and jungles of the Republic of South Vietnam.

For 23 years, I was a Lewiston police officer. I provided the security that people needed so they could walk the streets and sleep at night safely, free from fear and harm. I dealt with things that people didn’t want to know, much less talk about.

Therefore, in response, I will continue to express my view in any manner I choose. If I upset those who live in the politically correct world by using speech they define as hurtful, well, tough! They have two options. They can continue to read my column or they can choose not to read it. (I suspect they will continue to read the column because they need somebody to complain about.)

Last week in Charleston, South Carolina, nine good and decent people were murdered by a moronic lowlife. Their lives were taken because they lived by their Christian beliefs. It taught them to look at everyone as one of God’s creations, not following the liberal doctrine of putting everyone in a group.

Why do I dislike liberals? Let me count the ways:

They think they’re smarter and better than everyone else.

They practice de facto segregation in many Southern Maine communities (while branding Lewistonians as racists).

They vilify police officers for properly performing their duty. Before the facts of many cases are known, the officer is automatically found guilty, causing him and his family terrible angst and subjecting them to public ridicule.

Liberals’ quick condemnation of a police officer often leads to rioting in poor neighborhoods. Homes and businesses are burned, leaving the good people of the neighborhood homeless, jobless and having to travel miles to obtain groceries and services.

This rioting creates an “anything goes” atmosphere that allows thugs to steal goods while freely expressing their anger.

Where is the intense anger when an innocent black child gets killed by a gangbanger? Why do the liberal politicians in charge of our major cities allow gangs to rule the streets, thus forcing good, decent, hard-working, law-abiding people to be held hostage in their homes?

Liberal policies in our schools hamstring our dedicated teachers in both the teaching and disciplining of students.

Our military men and women are demonized for actions they take to survive because those actions do not mirror the way liberals feel a war should be run.

They hold Christians up to contempt and rail against them for their beliefs.

How long have I had contempt for liberals? Since my stay at Chelsea Naval Hospital. I found it disconcerting that protestors were demonizing and wishing harm on those whose broken bodies were being cared for inside.

Lastly, we have John Kerry, who in order to gain political stature, testified before Congress that United States military personnel in Vietnam mimicked Genghis Khan.

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