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Enough is Enough: Fair share, EBT cards and gourmet whoopie pies

By Robert E. Macdonald

Mayor of Lewiston

Oh, the horror! Is the prediction by the Mayan Calendar about to be fulfilled? Is Hades about to be unleashed? Will liberal politicians be forced to advocate for the taxpaying voters to the chagrin of advocacy and special interest groups?

Boo-hoos and wailing are about to be heard from York to Caribou. Why? Governor Paul LePage may call our state legislature into special session.

What diabolical scheme is he about to unleash that will make the liberal Democrats (as opposed to right-thinking Democrats) become angry?

Hmm, let’s think.

How about “The Pay Your Fair Share Tax Bill.” This bill would afford those who constantly complain that income taxes are too low the ability to be taxed at a higher rate than currently prescribed. Three boxes could be added to the tax form, allowing the taxpayer the choice of choosing to pay one, two or three percent over the required rate set by the state.

Those who participate in the higher rate program would then be recognized for their generosity on a special state web site. Won’t those results be interesting? I wonder if the extra amount collected would equal or surpass the current turnpike tolls collected at the Auburn, Lewiston and Sabattus exits?

Perhaps the Governor plans to introduce a series of bills designed to undo the social designing created by liberal Democrats over the past 30 years—bills that have liberated the fruits of middle-class labor and given them to the nonproductive in order that they might remain, well, nonproductive.

A case in point is the furor over that nasty little piece of plastic known as the EBT (electronic balance transfer) card, which has replaced food stamps. Its reputation is infamous. Documentation of its abuse is overwhelming. Yet our elected officials sit by and do nothing.

I believe that if the Beverly Hillbillies’ Jethro Bodine put his mind to it, the problem would be solved in about half an hour. Unfortunately, our legislators argue that we, the general public, don’t understand the complexities at work. Well, we do! It’s due to liberal legislators pandering to groups that present a clear and present conflict to the interest of middle-class taxpayers.

A good example of this is the national news story involving a courageous business owner. She refuses to sell her gourmet whoopie pies to unproductive societal victims (re: bums) attempting to purchase her wares with an EBT card.

The heroine of the story is Andrea Tabor, owner of the Ever So Humble Pie Co. located in Walpole, Mass. She sells her product in several locations, including the Braintree Farmers’ Market. In order to introduce society’s victims to healthy food choices, the chairman of the market, Donna Igmanson, decided to accept EBT cards, giving the state wards a chance to shop at the market on the taxpayers’ dime.

Tabor refused to accept the EBT card, arguing that its intent was to allow the purchase of healthy foods, not gourmet pastries. Her stand has brought criticism from Democrats and other liberals who profit off the poor.

With tears in their eyes, they rant that Tabor is “stigmatizing the poor”, ostracizing people who are already victims, denying poor children treats and making bums feel bad about themselves. Of course, these are the same people who argue against sugar- and calorie-laden products being sold in schools, fast-food restaurants and grocery stores.

Sadly, their voices drown out the voices of the working people in the fantasy land known as the State Legislature.

It is said that the ghost of John Adams roams Braintree at night lamenting how far the country has strayed from his vision.

This week I am unable to provide our current TANF welfare numbers. This is due to the fact that our welfare director is on a much-deserved vacation. We will resume this weekly update next week.

Remember in November.

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